The personal project of 24-year-old Dutch artist Lieke Heusinkveld, la loye is distinguished by subtle, layered vocals and intricate guitars, sublimely complimenting each other to create an intimate ambiance and accentuate the poetic lyricism in her music.

While the alt-folk by la loye is often described as lo-fi or unpolished, the project is filled with hidden details in both sound and word. la loye does not explore the beaten track of human consciousness, but wanders along the exciting elephant paths, dark sprawl and beautiful open plains. Just like Elliott Smith, Mount Eerie, Radiohead and Big Thief, Heusinkveld digs deep in her reserves to give shape to raw emotion with fresh, sometimes very playful angles. At times oppressive music, but above all beautiful.

After her debut single ‘to live underwater’ in 2019, la loye shared her enchanting second release ‘i’m still asleep’ in December 2020.

“Sumptuously romantic, to live underwater is one of my favorite debuts of the past few years, and leaves me very excited to hear more.” - Crack In The Road (UK)

“The track is a wonderfully thoughtful track both pretty but laced with a potent amount of melancholy that hits you in all the right places. It’s a clear cut personal statement from an artist with something to say.” - We All Want Someone To Shout For (US)

“la loye is Lieke. Tonight she's the front of a six-piece band who, with admirable precision and discipline, devote themselves to her dreamy, intimate folk pop.” - OOR (NL)

“la loye specialises in subtle songs full of layers, of which one is even more beautiful than the other. In this layering of different parts lies the power of the project. (...) Elongated riffs are alternated with dry guitar-plucking (at times Radiohead-esk) and piano parts with sneaky electronics. But most of all, la loye pushes itself to great heights with their beautiful backing vocals.” - 3voor12 (NL)